Why Waste Time at a Small Business Conference?

I just taught email marketing and Universal Search techniques at a small business marketing conference.

A well intended friend asked me why I “wasted time speaking at a small business marketing conference.” He went on to suggest that I only target major conferences that attract ‘bigger’ clients.

At the conference, I was joined by some excellent speakers who also regularly serve large clients. But I suspect that’s not why they were there. It’s certainly not why I was there.

In online marketing, small businesses run circles around corporate America. Unburdened by red tape, they test, fail, innovate, fail, try one more time and succeed. It’s inspiring. It’s educational. And it’s really fun.

In the email marketing session, at least 80% of the attendees already understood the concept of mail server reputation and the value of an email service provider. The ideas coming back from the audience were inspiring. The sense of innovation and entrepreneurship were palatable.

Want to learn online marketing techniques? Rub shoulders with small business owners who take time to educate themselves and practice link building, paid search and site optimization just after closing up QuickBooks. Besides being with a fun group of people, the inspiration and knowledge gained is well worth the time invested.

Search marketing innovation moves up these days. Not down.

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