Women in Binders Meme A Viral Opportunity for Binder Manufacturers

How binder manufacturers might spin the “Women in Binders” meme to their advantage, and help a worthy cause in the process.

binders of women, women in binders, memeWhat’s a company to do when they become the unwitting focus of a social meme?

How about playing along?

After one man’s tongue-in-cheek comment on the Bodyform Maxi Pads Facebook page went viral (he complained that their television commercials filled with ecstatic women enjoying monthly bicycle rides and roller coaster outings were misleading), Bodyform responded with their own comic video response.

“If Facebook had a ‘love’ button, we’d have clicked it. But it doesn’t. So we’ve made you a video instead.”

In the video, a faux CEO apologizes for misleading him, and admits that they’d done so because “some people just can’t handle the truth.”

That video itself now has over one million views. Way to leverage a meme, Bodyform! Read the whole story – and see the video – over on Mashable

Now there’s a new meme, thanks to a comment from Mitt Romney in the last Presidential Debate. Women in Binders (or Binders of Women) is now a certified viral phenomenon.

avery binder, binders of women, women in bindersIn fact, not only has it spawned a universe of graphical “women in binders” memes, it’s resulted in some unexpected attention for binder manufacturer Avery Dennison as well. Customer reviews on Amazon for the  Avery Durable View Binder are riffing on Romney’s “women in binders” comments, and bringing the page (and the product) plenty of attention.

So far, we don’t see any evidence that Avery wants to jump on the bandwagon. The product page for binders on their site makes no reference to the phenomenon, nor does their @AveryProducts Twitter feed or their Avery Facebook page.

We understand the caution they might be exercising, staying neutral about wading into a political environment. But their response needn’t acknowledge the (admittedly divisive) politics.

So what should Avery do?

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the traffic, and the attention, and spinning it positive.

Avery already has a relationship with City of HopeAvery Dennison City of Hope, that’s led to the company and its employees donating over $275,000 for breast cancer research and education.

How about finding a way to use the suddenly very public conflagration of binders and women to further bring attention (and perhaps funding) to City of Hope — or another women’s issues organization of Avery’s choosing?

Binders For Women.

Imagine a landing page that’s got enough SEO mojo to get some SERP traction for the trending binders and women keywords, that highlights City of Hope and Avery’s relationship, and invites visitors to make donations.

Or a retail offering – donate a portion of every sale of a particular binder to City of Hope.

Let City Of Hope reach out to their supporters with an offer from Avery for a discount coupon for online binder purchases, with a portion of the redeemed purchases donated back to City Of Hope?

Or if they want to inject just the slightest hint of politics, how about a coupon for women – or anyone who’s ever known a woman – for 72% off a particular SKU?

There are lots of possibilities, and plenty of opportunity.

How do you think Avery could benefit from this latest meme? Should they?

How could you put this strategy to work for you?

To learn more about City of Hope and see how you can help, visit www.CityOfHope.org.

*EDIT* Just minutes after this post went live, Avery posted this to their Facebook page:

We’re hearing a lot about binders today! It’s terrific to see so much passion this election season. And we’re always excited to hear folks talking about binders.

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