Bidding According to Match Type

Bidding According to Match TypeFrom the Market Motive Forum: I recently received the following fantastic question regarding bidding according to match type from a Market Motive student.

“I’ve seen people who split their ad groups into the three match types like this:

  1. Exact
  2. Phrase
  3. Broad

I understand that by taking keywords that perform well and moving them up, then adding them as negative keywords for the previous group, we can ensure that they show for the exact match and not the broad match.

Can we simply not leave the different match types in the same group ‘Marketing Training’ and adjust the bids so that the bid amount for exact match > phrase match > broad match?… Continue reading

Keyword Research Q&A with Todd Malicoat

keyword research market motiveFrom the Market Motive Forum: A student has questions about keyword research. Todd Malicoat has the answers.

Earlier this week over in the member’s only forum, a student said, “I’ve been watching your keyword research videos, and I could use clarification in understanding the research topic as a concept.”

Below are the answers to her questions that I hope you might find helpful as well.… Continue reading

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers: How to Get The Best Results

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers

If you’re trying to improve your ranking in with Google, it’s important that you understand the differences between broad match modifier vs phrase match. It is helpful to equip yourself with a working understanding of PPC marketing. Understanding the differences will help you refine your SEO approach, and ultimately achieve better search rankings.

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers: Understanding the Differences

First, let’s clarify what phrase match, broad match and broad modified matches actually are.

Phrase Match

According to… Continue reading

Using Keywords in Search and Display Ads

Using keywords in search and display ads

I recently went through an article where the current modified use of keywords and ad group was mentioned, making me realize the bidding on keywords has now a whole different approach. Considering the fact that owning the keywords on a search engine which further displays your advertisement on a priority basis is the new revolution in marketing. The whole process is not as complex once you learn about it. There are numerous tools that can help you learn PPC, in case you’re just

How Will Facebook’s Upcoming Algorithm Changes Impact Your Page?

facebook Algorithm ChangesFacebook announced some upcoming algorithm changes recently that may have an impact on the posting style you use for your Facebook page.

The basic gist is that “promotional” content – meaning content that aims to get people to sign up, register, buy, etc. – is going to be taking a hit in the algorithm. Facebook wants to shift that type of content to advertising and have brands focus more on offering education, insight, and entertainment in the news feeds.

It makes sense from Facebook’s perspective, but to be honest, it’s annoying as a marketer.… Continue reading

Problems Building and Fixing Local Citations? Learn How From Our SEO Expert

From the Market Motive Forums: Fixing Them NAPs

The other day in the member’s only forum, a student came to me looking for advice and insights into a particular local citations problem she’s facing.

She’s a marketing consultant for a local company that has just one office location. She investigated their current listed citations using the Whitesparks Citation Finder tool and discovered some pretty glaring errors and problems with their name, address and phone number (NAP). Beyond some egregious company name misspellings and wrong phone numbers, a previous SEO consultant also built citations for this very same company for about 10 virtual office locations, which are no longer in use, but the citations still exist.

Long story short, the company has a cacophony of incorrect citations, duplicate citations, and outdated NAPs that need removal ASAP.

What is our marketing consultant to do?… Continue reading

How Many Content Marketing Tactics Are Needed for B2B, B2C Audience?

B2B B2C Market MotiveFrom the Market Motive Forums: How Many Tactics Do You Need?

I received a good question from a Market Motive student in the member’s only forum the other day regarding B2B and B2C content marketing tactics.

The student learned through her fundamentals course that effective B2B marketers use 13 different tactics (white paper, case study, research report, etc.) on average while B2C marketers utilize 12.

Her question: If a company sells B2B, but still needs to have a B2C presence and interaction level to get people to ask about products distributed through B2B partners, does that mean her team will have to juggle 25 different tactics? She also wondered if there would be some overlap to cut this number down if there are just a few messaging tweaks per tactic.

Is the student correct?… Continue reading

How to Get Your First Followers on Twitter and Facebook

market motive social mediaFrom the Market Motive Forums: Here’s How to Build Your Audience on Twitter and Facebook

I bet this scenario sounds familiar: A client asks you to build its social media properties, including Twitter and Facebook. You create the accounts, add the company logo, and fill in all the important fields like business location, store hours, mission statement, and all that fun stuff.

Everyone is super pleased that there are social media pages today where yesterday none existed.

But now what?… Continue reading

Hashtag Guide for Events: How to Use Hashtags


We cannot say this enough! Hashtags are here to stay! Hashtags have changed the way information is relayed and can bring people together in ways that few other things can.  

With these tools, the information people receive is no longer limited to the people around them; in fact, with the help of hashtags, people can now spread an idea or a revolution across political and geographical boundaries.

Given that these tools are now part of the world’s social structure, it is no

How To Solve The Riddle Of Multiple Duplicate Websites

market motive seoFrom the Market Motive Forums: What’s Up With The Dupes?

Recently on the Market Motive forum a student asked a question regarding duplicate content and the pair of e-commerce websites she’s working on. Website #1 is a general site that sells all of the products in her inventory. Website #2 is a specialist website selling only about a third of her products.

As you might expect, she’s concerned there’s an issue of duplicate content since all the product pages of website #2 appear on site #1. (Note: The layout of the pages are different, including the brand at the top of the page, but otherwise they’re identical.)

Website #1 has a Moz domain authority of 35 while #2 comes in at 22.

What is the best way for our student to deal with this tricky situation?… Continue reading