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Ali Naqvi Amrohvi

Superstar dedicated student Ali Naqvi Amrohvi studying and new-parenting simultaneously.

It’s hard to make time.

As dedicated as our members might be to their professional development, as much as they might want to expand their skills and earn the certifications that’ll change their lives, it’s hard to make the time.

You get home from work, dinner needs making, the kids’ homework needs review, the dog needs walking, and by the time you can settle… Continue reading

How OMCP is Raising the Bar, and Why We’re Excited

Earning an OMCP Certification has been the goal for many Market Motive participants and teams. The industry recognized standard lends credibility to agencies, boosts resumes for individuals, and helps pre-vet applicants for hiring managers.

Historically, passing any Level 3 Practitioner Course or Level 4 Master Course automatically qualified an individual for OMCP. We’re excited to announce that starting February 28, 2015, the bar is being raised.

So why are we so excited?
There’s been a increasing realization that our industry needs t-shaped marketers, meaning marketers with a wide breadth of knowledge across all disciplines and a depthful knowledge about one or two specific disciplines.… Continue reading

Does a Mobile “Opt-In” Opt Into Everything?

From the Market Motive Forums: Does a mobile “opt in” opt the user into everything?

Mobile Phone Opt InMobile campaign rules are extremely important, not only to protect your company legally but also because people may feel violated or upset if they think you’ve crossed a boundary by contacting them when they aren’t expecting it.

Thus: the opt-in.

Opt-ins are for permission-based databases, primarily for communication via SMS.… Continue reading

SkilledUp Posts An Extensive Review of Market Motive

“One of the Best Resources for Learning Marketing Skills”

sklldupWe love feedback, good and suboptimal. It’s how we continue to get better, and it’s why we listen so closely to what our customers have to say.

SkilledUp’s ndustry writer Joseph Rauch takes a hard look at Market Motive, and does a thorough breakdown of our Self-paced courses, Coached courses, Electives, Webinars, and more.
To keep up with skills for marketing born on the Internet, you’ll need education born online, courses that are constantly being updated, and instructors who practice what they… Continue reading

How Often Should You Repeat a Tweet?

From the Market Motive Forums: How Often Should I Repeat a Tweet?

Tweets are literally here one second and gone the next. As a result, marketers can be tempted to repeat a single message multiple times using scheduling tools.

Some tools may restrict publishing similar messages in a small time frame. This isn’t because of a strict tweeting law, it’s more likely to encourage proper tweeting etiquette.… Continue reading

Too Many Impressions, Not Enough Clicks


From the Market Motive Forums: How Can I Get More Clicks From The Impressions I Have?

Getting too many impressions and not enough clicks? There are three main ways to increase clicks from your current impressions:

  1. Examine your search queries
  2. Raise your position (increase bids or quality score)
  3. Test ads (increase CTR)

The first step in examining your account is to understand the actual search queries that are showing your ads. If you find irrelevant queries, then you need to add negatives or refine your match types so that you are only showing for relevant queries.… Continue reading

How to Identify and Rank for Low-Competition Keywords


Do you struggle when competing against the big players of your niche?

How do new websites bring traffic to their site when the important keywords are dominated by older sites?

If you can’t beat them, try again from the flanks!

This article will teach you tricks of the trade. While not everyone is a trained Digital Marketing expert, it is important to identify tricks that could help bring a steady stream of traffic your way without having to elbow your way out of the rat race.
Learn… Continue reading

Avinash Kaushik says Ask Me Anything

avinash_kaushik-bwDon’t miss out on this rare public Ask Me Anything from Avinash… bring your burning questions next Thursday, June 26th.

You’ve got questions. Avinash has answers.

What are the most powerful tools? Favorite reports? Breaking trends? Biggest time wasters?

If you’ve got questions about web analytics, now’s your chance to get the answers you crave from Google’s own highly recognized and respected Digital Marketing Evangelist.

If you want to learn all the secrets Avinash has to offer, just click on the big orange button below and join us!… Continue reading

How to Look Amazing in Your Next Marketing Meeting: Tips from Top Gun Katie Burnside

kburnsideAs part of the Master Minute Series, Social Media Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Katie Burnside shared with us how to look like a rockstar at your next marketing meeting.

“One of the biggest things my company encourages is doing research about the different Social Media methods that are out there and the different tools that are available. So I definitely encourage people to go online at least for an hour. Spend an hour trying to find all the new tips and techniques that are out there, so you’re updated on the information. When you go into your next meeting, or you’re brought into the next campaign marketing plan, you’ll have an idea of the tools you use already, plus you’ll have these new ideas that nobody has thought of before. You’re going to look amazing and a rockstar in your own way.… Continue reading

Master Minute: Whose Opinion Are You Optimizing For?

As part of the Master Minute Series, PPC Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Richard Farr shared with us what he called his revelation about quality score.

“You hear a lot of Pay Per Click people talking about optimizing your quality score, and really when we’re doing quality score, you’re optimizing for Google’s opinion of you. And you’re optimizing for Google’s revenue. I’ve got some campaigns I’m working on for clients where the quality score is atrocious, but the cost per conversion is phenomenal. And I couldn’t care less about the quality score, because these campaigns are so profitable… Continue reading