How to Look Amazing in Your Next Marketing Meeting: Tips from Top Gun Katie Burnside

kburnsideAs part of the Master Minute Series, Social Media Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Katie Burnside shared with us how to look like a rockstar at your next marketing meeting.

“One of the biggest things my company encourages is doing research about the different Social Media methods that are out there and the different tools that are available. So I definitely encourage people to go online at least for an hour. Spend an hour trying to find all the new tips and techniques that are out there, so you’re updated on the information. When you go into your next meeting, or you’re brought into the next campaign marketing plan, you’ll have an idea of the tools you use already, plus you’ll have these new ideas that nobody has thought of before. You’re going to look amazing and a rockstar in your own way.

“For example, one tool I found is this a tool called Hashtagifyme. It’s a really cool tool where you can type in a hashtag and it gives you 10 hashtag suggestions that are most used around that word. So, for example, if you do #socialmedia it’s going to give you hashtags that are closely related to it – like #SM or #Twitter. So it’s a good way to find different hashtags and assess which hashtags work best for your social media campaign. It’s a great tool to be able to show to your marketing manager to say, ‘Hey, here’s a large array of hashtags we can use – pick one.’”

Katie Burnside is a Marketing Ops Analyst/Social Media Manager at Dell and a Freelance Blogger for

The Master Minute series is a way for our Top Gun Winners & Graduates to showcase their talent. We ask our grads just one question: “If you had one minute to share a single valuable piece of marketing advice you learned from Market Motive with another marketer, what would you tell them?” The result, a great nugget of wisdom you can read or watch in under a minute.

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