Are You the Roadblock To Your Marketing Team’s Success?

The digital marketing train is pulling out of the station, and marketers who haven’t fully jumped on yet are trying furiously to make the change – but many don’t know how.

In March 2014, Adobe released Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves, which surveyed 1,000+ marketers and identified what’s causing the dangerously slow adaptation of digital.


SPOILER: The biggest roadblock to your marketing team’s success may be you.


Let’s break it down. Here are our top 7 takeaways from Adobe’s report:

1. Companies are doing significantly more digital marketing


People spend a lot of time on the internet – so smart companies are trying to reach their audience where they live. Broadcast and/or radio advertising are appropriately and quickly giving way to social marketing and email.

 2. But They Don’t Necessarily Have the Staff/Skills to Do it Well


With companies transitioning to digital marketing, digital talent is becoming increasingly in demand. Whether you’re hiring experts in the field or raising them to the level you need – these seats need to be filled in order to make the transition effectively.

3. Marketers See What’s Happening and Expect Their Roles to Change


The majority of marketers recognize their role will change both quickly and consistently.

4. But They Don’t Know How to Start Reinventing Their Roles


Because they know that their roles are going to change, 40% of marketers want to change too and reinvent their role to fit the new needs.

5. The Technology-Driven Changes Make it Difficult to Keep Up


With new technologies constantly developing – new channels to share media or tools to analyze customer behavior – reinventing a role is easier said than done. Knowledge quickly becomes obsolete with an algorithm change or introduction of a new tool.

6. And Just Knowing One Discipline is Insufficient


The biggest success factor is the knowledge of multiple disciplines – which can be difficult to learn as an individual without a guide. Learning one discipline alone can be hard, but to gather information of three or more channels from tens of credible sources can be a full time job in itself.

7. Lack of Training is Cited as a Top Reason for an Organization’s Inability to Keep Up


The good news, though, is that the problem is fixable.

Beyond resource and culture problems, the main obstacle keeping an organization from keeping up with digital marketing is lack of training.

Let’s fix this.

Train your team. Make sure they learn multiple disciplines from multiple experts and have access to a constantly updated source of information. If you give them the ability, they can re-invent their role and be the digital talent your company desperately needs; and suddenly your digital marketing (which you’re doing more of anyway) is being done by professionals who understand the industry, use the tools and resources effectively, and make sure you’re not pouring time and money into wasted and ineffective campaigns.

Instead of being a roadblock for your marketing team, pave the road ahead of them. Their increased knowledge is your increased sales.

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