Communication and Collaboration: Rise Interactive’s Team Structure Builds Success

rise interactiveRise Interactive: the leading digital marketing agency, who’s showing the industry how it’s done.

Rise’s success has a lot to do with the agency’s passion for nurturing teams and efficiently dividing those teams to produce the award winning results.

We talked with Rise’s Director of Marketing Brad Messinger, and got the inside scoop on Rise’s approach to team structure.

Digital Marketing Teams
Rise is made up of four main teams – Corporate Marketing, Digital Strategy, Client Service, and Operations.

Specifically, the Client Service Group, responsible for working with and delivering for the client, splits off into two impressive teams.

The Account Management Team works directly with the client to determine the needs and goals of campaigns.

The Channel Teams
Channel Teams divide into sub-teams who focus on specific disciplines such as SEO or PPC. This allows everyone on the team to be working to their strengths. “What’s different about the agency is our portfolio management approach … We treat marketing budgets like investments, allocating funds to only the top performing channels or those with the highest opportunity. Teams are organized by discipline, but they’re encouraged to shift dollars to other groups to yield higher performance,” says Brad.

Rise Interactive is an extremely collaborative and communicative environment. Monday mornings play host to the ‘Client Service Meeting’ where the Client Service Group discusses the current wins and challenges of each client on the roster.

Want a team that works hard, fulfills their potential, and loves what they do? Rise’s team structure allows for both specialization and collaboration – which sounds like a winning formula to us!

If you want to know the rest of Rise’s secret to team success download the full white paper to discover how they structure their outstanding Internal and Innovation teams!

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