Leading from the Front: TN Media’s Management Sets the Example

TN MediaGreat results come from great leadership, and great leadership comes from leading from the front.

That’s what works for TN Media.

TN Media, which placed in Market Motive’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2013, didn’t simply assign digital marketing training to their 71 member team and walk away.

“We didn’t leave it up to our team on ‘if you want to do this,’” says Training Manager Margaret Tolbert, “it was, ‘We’re all doing this, and this is when it should be done.’”

And management set the example. They didn’t just pass the training down – they passed it out to all levels; Margaret and the other managers went through the training right alongside the marketers, setting an example, and forging the trail for those who followed.

“If I didn’t do it or the managers didn’t do it, I don’t think it would have been nearly as successful as having our leadership team do it as well.”

And just how successful were they?

Download their case study, and hear how the entire team has benefited from the training program.

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