In a Nut-Shell: How to Run a Successful Training Program

Detroit media partnership logoDetroit Media Partnership’s Director of Training & Staff Development, Lynn Curtis-Misner, shared with us how they successfully earned a position in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams for 2013 - and now we get to share it with you.

“Realizing the importance of continuing to grow and develop our sales team’s digital knowledge:

We developed a training plan with very specific time lines and check-in points.

We prioritized the topics in order of importance for application; gave specific dates for completion and then provided regular reporting to the management team so they could easily monitor and manage their team’s progress.

We also celebrated completion of training goals by giving regular “graduation” updates at our divisional advertising meetings.”

That’s it! Granted, easier said than done. But the Detroit Media Partnership did it – earning 73 certifications amongst their 72 team members.

We hope with this nut-shelled knowledge, you can run a successful program too.

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