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You get it all. Essential certification courses. Electives. Forums. Live workshops. Plus hundreds of archived videos.

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We maintain our courses and update them all the time. Not just annually, not just quarterly. All. The. Time.

When there’s a new channel or trend that matters, we’re adding new training videos, resources, and courses. ASAP.

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Analytics. SEO. PPC. Social. Mobile. Content. Conversion. Display. Email.

OMCP Authorized

Certification courses are recognized by OMCP, the online marketing industry’s emerging measure of excellence, professionalism and ethical standards. Learn More About OMCP…

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Web-based learning means you watch streaming video lessons anytime it’s convenient – at lunch, at home, on the treadmill. It’s your course, on your terms.

Affordable Training

Make a valuable investment in personal improvement, without travelling to conferences, or taking time away from work. Your training, on your budget.

Two Ways To Learn

Self-paced Online Training

Start any time, and get access to our entire catalog of courses. Study at your own pace, on your schedule. Move through the courses as quickly as you like, cross-train to your heart’s content, and earn Practitioner Certifications in all the major disciplines. Cancel any time.

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Coached Online Training

90 day Coached Training starts once each quarter. You’ll choose one discipline, follow a structured weekly schedule, get personalized feedback on exercises, and be responsible for a real-world final project.
PLUS you’ll have access to all of the Self-paced training courses, too!

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Coached Courses Start June 23 2014

Our Coached Master Certification Courses start once each quarter, and seats are limited. Early registrants get instant access to all the self-paced courses right away, so the earlier you sign up, the more access you receive! Fall quarter starts September 15 2014, Winter starts January 5th 2015.

Monthly Self-paced Membership

Coached Master Certification
  • Instantly Access 8 Self-paced Certification Courses

    Study At Your Own Pace, On Your Schedule

  • 14 Self-paced Short Courses

  • Over 400 Archived Videos and Recorded Webinars

  • PLUS: 90 Day Coached Course Starts June 23

    Choose Analytics, SEO, PPC, Social, or Mobile
    Get Personalized Coaching, Feedback on Exercises, Live Conference Calls

  • Become A Master
  • icon guarantee7 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Learn More About Coached Courses…

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Student Success is Our Passion

For once, I wasn’t the one asking for a job, someone was asking me. What more could you ask for?

Maurice Revah, OMCP- Senior Search Marketing Analyst at Media Experts

My professional life has changed completely and for the better … thanks to Market Motive.

Yasser Akhtar- Digital Analyst at Benjamin Moore & Co.

I am certainly a more valuable asset to the company … Thanks Market Motive.

David Martin- Professional Web Designer and Certified Internet Marketing Strategist

The Market Motive PPC Master Certification course in June 2013 provided a solid foundation in PPC Marketing.

Dena Ross- Senior Digital Strategist, Kaiser Permanente

I now understand that much more how to combine digital and traditional media together to make advertising campaigns more successful.

Kathy Carlson- OnLine/OffLine Media Guru, Creative Problem Solver and Student of Pop Culture and Technology

A Faculty of Rock Stars

Avinash Kaushik

Web Analytics Faculty Chair
Avinash is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and author of the best selling “Web Analytics 2.0″ and “Web Analytics: An Hour A Day”. 

Bryan Eisenberg

Conversion Optimization Faculty Chair
Bryan is co-author of the bestselling books “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” and “Always Be Testing”.

Greg Jarboe

Content Marketing Faculty Chair
Greg is the author of “YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day”, and writes for Search Engine Watch and ReelSEO.

Brad Geddes

PPC Faculty Chair
Brad is the author of “Advanced Google Adwords” and has spoken at over 60 conferences and AdWords seminars around the world.

Licensed and Approved By Names You Know

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Being too busy to train is the moral equivalent of being too hungry to eat.

Ben Horowitz, cofounder and Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

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Self-Paced Courses

Coached Courses

When does it start? Start Immediately. Start Self-paced access immediately (see below). Your chosen Coached Course starts next June 23.
How long will it take? You study at your own pace. On average, 5 hours per week for 10 weeks to Practitioner Certify in one discipline. Faster if you’ve got more time. Coached course follows a strict weekly assignment schedule. Approximately 75 hours over 12 weeks to Master Certify.
Access All Self-Paced Certification Courses- Structured Courses- Streaming Video Lessons- Downloadable Workbooks- Recommended Exercises- Progress Quizzes- Final Test Immediate access to all Self-paced courses, from registration through graduation.
Access All Short Courses
Access Our Historical Archive of 400+ Video Lessons and Recorded Webinars
Faculty Moderated Q&A Forums
8 Monthly Webinars
Earn Practitioner Certifications Recognized by OMCP
Coached Guidance In A Single Core Discipline
Personalized Feedback on Weekly Exercises
Weekly Live Conference Calls With Faculty and Fellow Students
Challenging Real World Final Project with Faculty Guidance
Final Project Reviewed and Critiqued Live by Faculty
Earn Elite Master Certification Recognized by OMCP
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Let's Get Started
$299 Monthly Membership
Cancel Anytime
Let's Get Started
$3500 90-day Semester
Register up to 60 days early for next Coached Course. Max possible access: 5 months.

White Papers, Case Studies, Resources

Compare Providers

If you’re shopping around for a training program, we feel your pain.

We’ve talked to hundreds of marketing team managers, and they’ve shared the 10 critical features you need to consider in choosing a digital marketing training partner. Now we’re giving the list away!


Sample Workbook

Every course includes multiple modules, with video lessons, resources, and workbooks.

Download a sample workbook to see what you’re in for. It includes learning goals for the module, a vocabulary list to master, and recommended exercises. Because we want you to succeed.

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Convince Your Boss

Getting your training through work? We’ll help make your case.

Discover how Dynamic Web Solutions built a stronger team, expanded their services, and improved onboarding. It’s a compelling example of the long-term business return on professional development.

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Still Got Questions?

Not everyone needs Certification. The real value is in learning new skills, and the opportunities that provides for improved results, and new prospects.

But Certification is a way to prove that you’ve done that work, and honed those skills. Our Certifications are recognized by OMCP®, the industry leading certifying body. Only the very best training courses that meet their stringent requirements earn that honor.

Great question. The number of video hours vary by course, and you’ll want to watch, pause, and review some videos once or twice. Plus, there are workbooks to review and fill out, and recommended exercises. Add to that the time to take quizzes, and any extra real-world application you want to do to test what you’re learning, and you’ll be pretty busy.

Self-paced members probably spend a total of 25-35 hours to complete a single Certification course. Since they study at their own speed as their schedule allows, how long that takes depends on how many hours you’ve got to dedicate to your studies each day or week. A few members have earned a Certification in a single month. On average, most have busy lives, and take about 10 weeks at 2-3 hours a week.

Master Certification is a structured 90 day course, and the weekly exercises are mandatory. Plan on spending 5-7 hours per week, more when you’re working on your final project.

In a word, no. But if you could just buy a Certification, it wouldn’t really have any value. Our courses are challenging even for experienced marketers.

But if you have a desire to learn, take the time to watch the video lessons carefully, take good notes, and rewatch videos when necessary to assure you’re absorbing the materials, you’ll do well. Experienced or not.

Yep. If you’re a monthly member, you can cancel whenever you’re ready. You’ll maintain access till the end of your billing period. Plus, monthly members and Coached Master Certification students can get a full refund any time during the first 7 days after joining.

But quitting isn’t in your nature. :)

Sure! Give us a call, email us, or contact us through the form. Our learning plan specialists excel at helping folks just like you figure out the best plan to achieve your training goals.
We think of it like a gym membership: You’ve got access to all the machines, even if right now you’re only working on your biceps.

We promote a cross-training philosophy, and make all our courses available to all our members. Digital marketing rewards the multi-hyphenate, and the more you understand multiple disciplines the healthier your skill set will be, and the more valuable you are to your company and clients.

That said, some of our licensing partners do offer discrete access to specific courses. If that’s what’s best for you, we’ll point you in their direction.

You study self-paced courses on your own schedule, as quickly or as leisurely as your preference and schedule allow. Watch videos, do the recommended exercises, take the progress quizzes, and tackle the final test. If you pass, you earn your Practitioner Certification.

Master Certification courses are more rigidly scheduled, and you’re guided by your faculty member. You’ll study a single assigned module each week, and you’ll get personalized feedback on your weekly exercises. Plus, you’ll join in on a required live conference call (we call it “Live Class”) each week to discuss your coursework with the faculty. You’ll take a final test, but you also need to complete a final real-world project to the satisfaction of the faculty to earn your Master Certification.

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