New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

Facebook Marketing, Part 2 Getting Started on FacebookWe’re excited to introduce another fantastic Social Media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

When launching a Facebook page, it’s important to perform some key steps that establish the foundation of a solid Facebook reputation. Furthermore, it’s vital to keep up that reputation by continuing to interact with users and maintaining a content-driven, up-to-date page.

Discover the keys of establishing your company as reputable, personable, and approachable on Facebook. Use these guidelines to create a strong Facebook presence and build it to a sizable audience of engaged supporters and prospects.

In this video you will learn to:

  • Create an engaging page that represents your business
  • Identify and tweak various options to customize your page
  • Run promotions and contests that abide by the rules of Facebook
  • Grow your following on Facebook
  • Describe the ideal balance of placing focus between Facebook and your website

Also, don’t forget to check out part 1 of this series: Facebook Marketing, Understanding Facebook.

If you’re not yet a member, feel free to watch the first two chapters. If you are already a member, we hope you enjoy the new content!

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