Joe’s Hunt for Success

joehuntJoe Hunt is no underdog. He’s an experienced marketer and a PPC Manager at Dagmar Marketing who had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to expand his PPC horizons.

In order to gain recognition and credibility with the industry, Joe wanted a course that resulted in a certification. Enter Market Motive.

With the guidance of our learning plan specialists, Joe signed up for our PPC Coached Course. The PPC Coached Course is designed to educate and train users in the online marketing discipline of PPC and Paid Search. The curriculum includes multiple sections covering introductory concepts, like initial comprehensive campaign set up, to advanced PPC concepts.

For Joe, taking this course was a no-brainer. He would earn the certification he was looking for with the support of a superstar faculty to inspire and push him through the material and work closely with him and his fellow students.

The key to success is not only having a stellar support team but having a disciplined learning method. Joe realized early on in his training that he could learn the material and pass the quizzes, but if he hoped to continue using his new found skills he would need to develop a new method of retention. And he did.

Read Joe’s full success story here to find out his tips for getting through your training so that you can also retain the knowledge long term.

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