Speaking on Quality Score at WebMasterWorld Pubcon Vegas

I’ll be sharing four of my favorite ways to ‘game’ AdWords quality score this next Tuesday at WebMasterWorld Pubcon Las Vegas.

It wasn’t too hard to figure out how to fool the Adwords Bot into thinking every page was relevant (I’ll show you how). But (warning, spoiler ahead) in the end, this exercise simply came back to a clever way to create relevance among keyword, ad copy, landing page and adgroup semantic grouping — which is good marketing in the first place. So there you go. It’ll be informative, I promise.

But what might make this really interesting is the make up of the panel. Honestly, I expected to see Graywolf on the panel or Brad. Instead I’ll be sharing the table with

David Karandish from the Martha Stewart Apprentice Show
Geoffrey Price, Vice President, Sales – Wester Region, Efficient Frontier
Mary Berk, Senior Program Manager adCenter

Martha Stewart? adCenter? This promises to be an interesting session, purely from the mix of folks on the table.

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  1. Search Sponge says

    I just hope that your little tricks do not encourage a whole new load of spammy sites listing paid results from Overture to spring up and get away with providing a terrible user experience for Google’s users.

    In my honest opinion the Quality Score algorithm needs to take more factors into account and one of these is the time spent on the advertiser’s page.

  2. says

    True, like many things, the process to create relevancy could be abused. We use the technique to detect the incoming ad group, and call up an area of alternate relevant content, thus providing consistent scent to the visitor. The by product of an increased quality score (from semantic keyword grouping in the ad group and pleasing the AdWords bot) was a bonus.

    If it’s not already being used, Google’s quality score patent (recently granted) covers the process of timing the click to the next ad. If the target site is relevant, then the next ad wouldn’t be clicked for a while… if at all.


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