Athens University Sees Incredible Response to Market Motive Materials

athens university of economics and business

Athens University offered 40 seats in a digital marketing class offering Market Motive material – and it sold out in 3 minutes.

The first time Market Motive was offered to the Athens University students 2 years ago, the 20 available seats were claimed within 25 minutes.

Pretty amazing, right?

Last year, Athens doubled the available seats to 40 and every single seat sold out within 10 minutes of the official announcement.

Not too shabby, eh?

Well guess what happened this year?

Another 40 seats sold out…

… in just 3 MINUTES!

Panayotis Gezerlis

Panayotis Gezerlis, Athens Program Coordinator

Panayotis Gezerlis, coordinator for the Athens program, was elated. “The school sent out an e-mail on a Monday to 100 interested students. The email notified them that the official launch email for Market Motive participation would arrive in their inbox on Friday at 1pm and positions would be secured on a first-claimed basis for 40 students.

On Friday at 1pm, the e-mail was sent. After only 3 minutes, 40 responses had arrived, and all the seats were sold out.

The students that were left out couldn’t believe they weren’t quick enough to claim their Market Motive position.

Crazy huh? I am not sure if we are selling tickets to a U2 concert or training ­čÖé

Well, you are stars too, I guess :-)”

We love the success our education partners are having with our curriculum… it means that more students have access to the courses, in the context of the education model that suits them best.

Changing more lives, in more ways, than we ever could have imagined.

Congratulations, Athens University, and thanks!

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  1. Portz says

    ya i totally agree with you.. athens university gives a golden opportunity to their students..i wish i also could be part of it.

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