The Power of Professional Training: Prove You’re a Master

Dagmar Gatell proved she was a Master.

seo-master-dagmar-gatell-omcp Back in 2010, Dagmar Gatell was already working as a search marketing expert. But with the landscape getting increasingly competitive, she realized she needed to enhance her professional skills if she was going to compete – and win – as a digital marketer.

She knew she needed improved skills and knowledge that were current and authoritative, and she knew she wanted to get them from respected trainers who really practice what they preach.  She did her homework, comparing everything from free courses to university programs, and chose Market Motive to get the training she needed.

Now she wants to share her experience with you.

After joining Market Motive, Dagmar buckled down and really went to work, completing all of our self-paced practitioner courses in every discipline: Every. Single. One. With a solid foundation in all the critical disciplines, Dagmar went on to establish herself as a successful SEO specialist.

In 2013, it was time to do more. Dagmar came back for Todd Malicoat’s coached SEO Master Certification course to make sure her knowledge was up-to-date and to prove to herself that she really was a master in her chosen field.

Not only did she pass, she was head of her class – achieving Top Gun status in the SEO Master Course.

Her dedication to professional development gave her the skills, and the authority, to call herself an SEO Master.

We’re dedicated to developing the industry’s best internet marketing courses, and helping people achieve their career, business, and personal goals.

And we couldn’t be more proud of Dagmar.

Find Dagmar Gatell at:

Want to learn more about the training program that helped Dagmar develop her skills and authority, and made her a respected expert? Check out our training programs, and learn more about Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Certification Courses…

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    Thanks for sharing the blog. I would like to learn more about the training program which helped Dagmar develop her skills in an outstanding way. Keep Sharing!

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