Why I send a test email 15 minutes before a blast

It seems that every “first” email blast for a new company goes out with some embarrassing glitch.

My initial announcement for Market Motive was no exception.  But, this time the error wasn’t in the email.  It was in the press release.  You see, we launched Thursday before last – in 2007.  Not in 2006 as the press release said.  So after  seven days of wonderful press coverage, Brett Tabke kindly pointed out that it seemed we had launched seven days ago rather than seven days and one year.   The rest of you who did notice were probably being polite.

Which brings me to my next point:  Email blasts.  Most of us are happy just to get one out the door.  Advanced marketers know how to segment and re-offer based on click through and on site behavior, but even in a simple blast there’s always an error lurking.  My solution?  Create a trusted target list comprising friends and family and send it to them 15 minutes before the whole list is sent.  Trusted friends will tell you when there’s mustard on your collar, and I’ve been saved from many an error by this simple method.

And I should take my own advice here.


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