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Ali Naqvi Amrohvi

Superstar dedicated student Ali Naqvi Amrohvi studying and new-parenting simultaneously.

It’s hard to make time.

As dedicated as our members might be to their professional development, as much as they might want to expand their skills and earn the certifications that’ll change their lives, it’s hard to make the time.

You get home from work, dinner needs making, the kids’ homework needs review, the dog needs walking, and by the time you can settle down and focus on a little “me time” all you’ve got energy for is “America’s Got Talent.”

But sometimes all it takes is a few minutes here, a few minutes there, lunch at your desk watching a short video, or the iPad on the treadmill while you work out in the morning.

Wherever you can fit in a few minutes, over time it adds up, and you’ve got new skills, new insights, and new confidence to accelerate your career.

Sometimes you need partners.

Even if you know all this, even though you’re studying on your own at your pace on your time, it helps to know you’re not alone.

Some folks create study groups… others do lunch and learns. Still others put reminders in their calendars to keep them on track.

That’s why we started #StudyBlitz.

STEP ONE: Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

STEP TWO: Watch for the hashtag “#StudyBlitz”. Every now and then, we’ll drop a reminder in your stream and urge you to take a few minutes to learn.

STEP THREE: Drop everything and study. Okay, not really; we know it’s not always going to be the best time for you. But if you can, take a few minutes and log in, watch a video, and get your learn on.

We truly believe that over time it’ll help you to acknowledge that now and then, a few minutes here and a few minutes there, is all it takes to build momentum.

And maybe you’ll meet a few like-minded peers along the way.

Ready? Go!



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