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Dedication to Education

Curriculum Is All We Do

We’re not an agency, and we don’t build tools. We’re focused on one thing: Developing the industry’s best online marketing training curricula for higher education institutionsagencies and professional groups, and individuals. Period.


Everything Is Online

Video lessons, course catalogs, quizzes, assignments, homework feedback, and faculty interaction take place on robust media servers online, anytime, 24×7. If you’re managing a marketing team, you’ll even get a web-based dashboard that lets you track their progress.


Everything Is Up To Date

We maintain our courses and update them all the time. Not just annually, not just quarterly. All. The. Time. When there’s a new algorithm update, a new uptick in mobile relevance, or a new social platform with teeth, we’re adding new training videos. ASAP.


Cross Training Is Encouraged

Internet marketers can’t afford to be specialists any more. So we build training materials in all the major specialties, and both self-paced and coached students get access to learning materials in every discipline. Cuz that’s how we roll.


It's Respected

The Market Motive name is valued in the industry as a leader in the training space, and our courses are recognized by OMCP®. Our courses are used successfully by SMBs, Fortune 1000 companies and higher education universities world wide.

Trusted By Names You Know

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What They're Saying

In Market Motive, everyone is the best in the industry. If you want to learn from the best, Market Motive is a great place for you.

Pinda Bazley- Microsoft

I’d recommend Market Motive as a great source to expand or round out your skill set.

Joseph Miller- BusinessWire

Market Motive’s online process efficiently and authoritatively put us all on the same page … we are making clear decisions that boost our online presence, collectively as a team.

Lorna Li- SalesForce

…it fundamentally changed how I approach working with AdWords … I’m already seeing major improvements in my PPC campaigns.

Joe Hunt- Dagmar Marketing

The most measurable thing for me is that people are … getting more out of it than they thought they would.

Sean Kainec- Home Depot

Top Choice for Higher Ed

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Current. Relevant. Authoritative.

  • Completely web-based training
  • Constantly updated by best-selling authors
  • Cross-train in multiple disciplines
  • Team managers get powerful dashboards
  • Respected by the industry
  • Certifications recognized by OMCP®