We respect your privacy, and go to great pains to protect it.

Data Storage

When you make a request through one of the request forms on this site, we will store the data you provide in order to respond to your request. We do associate your information with the type of request and we will only email (contact) you in the context of the original request unless you indicate further interest in the course or our conversations.


We hate spam. We don't spam. We don't send unsolicited emails. We comply with CAN-SPAM rules. We don't sell email addresses.
If you feel that we have violated your privacy in ANY way, please call us and let us know (866-323-9444), or email info@marketmotive.com and include the copy of the offensive email

Browsers and Cookies

Visitor behavior on this web site is measured via several web analytics packages. If your browser software accepts a cookie from this web site, it will grant a first-party cookie which may be non-expiring or temporary . Cookies granted from this site contain a random number, a date and sometimes an ID of which page element was served. Neither the cookie or web analytics tools can be used to identify an individual person. We use web analytics to measure aggregate visitor flow from advertisments as well as general visitor response to various page elements.
In the case of Google Analytics, your individual behavior is stored by Google who has the right to use the data in any way they please, including advertising back to your browser as it visits various sites.

Associated Sites

Market Motive makes use of a retail site for case study purposes. The analytics data of Brainwaves Educational Toys are often shared with members for teaching purposes. No personal information from the interaction with the retail site is shared.

Age Appropriate

All content on this site is appropriate for all ages.