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The Duke Digital Media and Marketing Certificate program was created in 2014 in response to the increased demand for trained professionals in the area of digital media and marketing. This 100% online, self-paced program is approximately 350 hours of coursework and covers all knowledge areas critical to success in this industry. The material is constantly updated to remain relevant in today's rapidly shifting online marketplace. Students have 12 months to complete the program, and upon completion, a mailed certificate will be awarded by Duke University. Additionally, most of the courses offered as part of this program are either OMCA or OMCP qualifying and help lead students directly to these top industry certifications. Duke Continuing Studies also offers a number of other online programs as well as local programs for working professionals, most of them in a condensed or evening-weekend format.


Several custom program concentrations are now available to qualified ed2go partners. Ranging from 130 - 165 clock hours, these occupationally focused program concentrations align directly with OMCP® and/or OMCA™ industry certifications. Available in ed2go's Career Training Program catalog, the concentrations target high growth digital marketing career roles, and are ideally suited for workforce development, corporate training, and professional development offerings. If you are an ed2go college or university partner, contact your ed2go account manager for additional information about the programs available and how to make sure they are available in your own continuing Ed2go education catalog.

Robertson College

Robertson's Business Administration: Internet Marketing Specialist program will prepare you to be a vital member of any marketing team. Their hands-on approach to teaching provides our students with real-world experience and equips them with the skills necessary to succeed. By importing Market Motive materials into Robertson College's LMS, students are assured a cohesive experience. Market Motive allows students to stream videos from their server to control bandwidth, and to learn the very latest materials.

Digital Blocks

The GCC has the highest online penetration rate in the world but has a shortage in quality internet marketing education. Digital Blocks was founded to provide hands-on digital marketing courses, programs, and boot camps to individuals, teams, and organizations across the Gulf. Courses are small, flexible, and focus on the needs of the region. Digital Blocks courses can be taken in a classroom, online, or in a private setting.

Auburn University

Auburn University's Office of Professional and Continuing Education's online programs offer a variety of non-credit workforce and professional development training opportunities, including OMCP qualifying training and certification courses, which enable participants to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and highly competitive global economy. All online courses offered through the OPCE are ideal for military spouses using their MyCAA Scholarship program benefits. Participants will find these programs to be convenient because they are available any time and are accessible from anywhere. Once you have completed a program, you will receive a certificate of completion from Auburn University Auburn University.

Auburn University

FIT's Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Global Fashion Management prepares emerging fashion executives for top managerial positions in the burgeoning international fashion industry. offered by FIT in collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, and Institut Francais de la Mode in Paris, we provide an OMCP recognized Online Marketing Fundamentals course as part of our Global Merchandising Course. FIT implements the Market Motive Fundamentals course as a digital textbook, supplementing traditional classroom teaching with weekly assigned streaming video lessons. Streaming materials are discussed in the classroom each week, ensuring students are engaged Auburn University and understanding the materials.

Benedictine University

Students participating in Benedictine University's course have access to six online self-paced courses on: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics, Social Media, and Conversion Optimization. These courses have been imported into their LMS to provide a seamless student experience. Videos stream direct from the Market Motive media server, ensuring up-to-date materials.

Direct Marketing Association

DMA. is the world's largest trade association for data-driven marketers, and is recognized throughout the marketing community as the definitive source for information about marketing research, regulatory issues, and best practice recommendations. DMA Education delivers current, relevant, and effective education and professional training. OMCP eligible courses made possible by incorporating Market Motive materials into DMA's LMS.

Oakton Community College

Become an Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP®) by completing a training program taught by most respected authorities in Internet Marketing. The curriculum is constantly updated to keep pace with rapidly evolving industry. Courses include streaming video, live webinars, discussion boards, quizzes and assessments. Market Motive has established a cobranded portal with Oakton Community College's LMS. This allows Oakton Community College to present personalized branding to their learners while leaving the course delivery and user experience to Market Motive.

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

A business degree is essential in a world driven by analytical thought-leadership, commerce on a global scale, and fragile, ever-changing investment climates. Continuous reinvention and adaptation are required to keep pace with today's rate of change. At UTC, both Market Motive's Fundamentals and Display Advertising courses are provided as digital textbooks, supplementing classroom teaching with assigned streaming video lessons. Students and faculty discuss the streaming materials each week ensures students are engaged and retaining the materials.

Driving Sales University

The Certified Digital Marketing Manager curriculum is a comprehensive overview of six Internet marketing disciplines; search engine optimization (SEO), social media, conversion optimization, web analytics, pay per click advertising (PPC), and mobile marketing. Market Motive courses are combined with industry specific training for complete marketing training solutions for the OEM and automotive dealer industries. DSU has incorporated Market Motive materials to present their own messaging and branding, while leaving the course delivery and user experience to Market Motive.

Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College has partnered with Market Motive that oers courses in a turn-key cobranded portal hosted on Market Motive servers to control bandwidth. Bundles for workforce development and industry certification are made possible by allowing SMC to provide unique messaging and branding while Market Motive handles the course delivery and user experience.

New Horizons

New Horizons imports Market Motive materials into their own LMS, putting their learners alongside their other courses in their own environment for a seamless student experience. Videos stream from the Market Motive media server, controlling bandwidth and ensuring the very latest materials.

University of Minnesota Duluth

University of Minnesota Duluth offers Market Motive program concentrations for professional development. Market Motive courses are presented in a turn-key cobranded portal, which allows University of Minnesota Duluth to present their own branding and messaging, while leaving the course delivery and user experience to Market Motive.

Palm Beach State College

The Business and Computer Science Division offers academic programs to provide their learners with the knowledge, hands-on experiences, and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in our ever-changing local, regional and global business environment. PBSC uses the Market Motive Fundamentals course as a digital textbook, supplementing traditional classroom teaching with weekly assigned streaming video lessons. Classroom discussion of the streaming materials ensures students are engaged and understanding the materials. Market Motive material is used in lieu of a Palm Beach State College textbook and is included in PBSC's bachelor program.

Mount Washington College

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a marketing concentration from Mount Washington College could help you gain the inside knowledge to succeed in the business world, in marketing and beyond. Our coursework includes classes in accounting, management, economics, advertising, and marketing to offer a well-rounded education designed to appeal to prospective employers in today's competitive market by partnering with Market Motive. Market Motive's LMS has allowed Mount Washington College to provide a cobranded portal with unique Mount Washington College messaging while leaving the user experience up to Market Motive.


SocialZing.com already provides a turn key solution with their proprietary social media autopilot system, but realizes that there are still 95% of business owners out there that are intimidated by the thought of having to learn how to market through social media, in their already busy schedules. SocialZing.com keeps true to its motto, Social Media Made Simple, by providing its users a powerful educational platform, where members can learn at their own pace with educational videos and study guides.