Build An Effective Social Presence

jennifer-evans-cario-2-portrait-leftSocial Media Marketing expands your reach into dynamic communities, interacting in real-time with customers and prospects. This can build credibility and raise your visibility, through marketing efforts that leverage word-of-mouth, viral distribution, and community. You can also use social listening to help monitor your online reputation.

Social media marketing is not just about knowing how to use the tools, but also knowing exactly which tools to use in a given situation… and how to create an effective integrated marketing approach.

These courses will give you the skills you need to build valuable, measurable relationships with your customers and prospects through social media.

Jennifer Evans Cario

Jennifer is President of SugarSpun Marketing, and serves as Adjunct Professor for Rutgers University’s online Social Media Mini MBA program. She is the author of three books, including “Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day.”

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For once, I wasn’t the one asking for a job, someone was asking me. What more could you ask for?

Maurice Revah, OMCP- Senior Analyst, Media Experts

My professional life has changed completely and for the better ... thanks to Market Motive.

Yasser Akhtar- Digital Analyst, Benjamin Moore & Co.

I am certainly a more valuable asset to the company ... Thanks Market Motive.

David Martin- Web Designer, Marketing Strategist

The Market Motive PPC Master Certification course in June 2013 provided a solid foundation in PPC Marketing.

Dena Ross- Sr Digital Strategist, Kaiser Permanente

I now understand that much more how to combine digital and traditional media together to make advertising campaigns more successful.

Kathy Carlson- OnLine/OffLine Media Guru