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  • He's the best-selling author of "Web Analytics 2.0" and "Web Analytics: An Hour A Day".
  • He's a renowned keynote speaker, and a consultant to the world's top agencies and Fortune companies.
  • And he's designed this course to make you the very best analyst you can possibly be. Even if you're already working in the industry.
  • There simply is no better, more robust, more thorough analytics course.

Web analytics has become a quintessential skill for every digital marketer. Web analytics is used to extract insights from enormous amounts of web data and helps in achieving business goals.

Market Motive's Web analytics training course ensures you gain expertise in Web Analytics and helps you leverage the data through the web analytic tools, to draw insights for marketing and business development. The training covers various aspects in depth - analytics techniques, web data analysis, social media analytics, multi-channel analytics, qualitative research & many others.

Upon completion of the course, you will acquire sound knowledge and gain expertise in web analytics.

The training aims to provide you with hands-on expertise on various web analytics tools & techniques. By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Master the tools and techniques that will qualify you for any role in web analytics.
  • Drive your team in delivering a superior user experience on website and increase conversions.
  • Impact the marketing and content strategy for your business with the web data insights.

The training can be attended by anyone who is keen on building a career in marketing and become Web analytics certified. Web analytics Certification is of great value to marketing professionals, digital marketers, PPC marketers, social media marketers, business owners and marketing consultants.

1: Introduction to Web Analytics

2: Key Performance Indicators & Analytics Techniques

3: Segmentation

4: Actionable Web Analytics Reporting

5: Web Data Analysis Guide

6: Qualitative Research

7: Experimentation & Testing

8: Competitive Intelligence Analysis

9: Multi-Channel Analytics

10: Dashboards

11: Industry Models, Complex Measurement, and Approaches

12: Social Media Analytics

13: Google-Specific Techniques and Reports

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