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Rigorous Web-based Training

Online courses offer academically-structured, outcome based learning paths. Licensed by higher ed and professional institutions world-wide.

  • Each course contains multiple learning modules
  • Most modules include downloadable workbooks
  • Progress quizzes ensure you're keeping up
  • Recommended exercises help you apply your new skills
  • Ask questions and get guidance in the student/faculty forums
  • Pass a challenging final test to earn certification
  • Take your new skills to market

Become The Best By Learning From The Best

Web Analytics Experts Are Priceless

  • Businesses can't afford to make decisions based on hunches.
  • There is more data available now about your customers, their needs, their behavior, and their decisions than ever before.
  • Analysts who not only report on that data, but provide informed recommendations for data-driven action that are focused on business goals, will always win.
  • That's why analysts who are trained to do just that are priceless. Is that you?
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Social Media Experts Wanted

  • Social budgets will increase 128% in the next five years.
  • Social ad spend will near $14B by 2018.
  • Trained and experienced social media marketers are in demand.
  • Are you ready?
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Certified SEO Experts Wanted

  • There are six billion Google searches every day.
  • This means that if a business isn't ranking for their target keywords, potential customers are going to buy from someone else.
  • That's why there is a massive demand for marketers that understand Search Engine Optimization.
  • Businesses need to rank well, and you can help.
  • If you've got the skills.
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Qualified PPC Experts In Demand

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the sniper of digital marketing.
  • It puts compelling campaigns in front of targeted audiences based on their expressed interests and demonstrated history.
  • With an understanding of PPC economics and customer psychology, you'll find your prospects in the right place, at the right time.
  • And deliver exactly what they want when they want it.
  • You'll be the master of the bull's-eye.
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Conversion Experts Change Minds

  • It's critical to understand what can repel a customer.
  • Perhaps more-so than understanding what persuades them.
  • It's what helps you define precisely who your customer is; what they want; what they fear; what motivates them.
  • So that you can design campaigns that capture their imaginations... and compel them to take the action that both you and they desire.
  • Are you prepared to persuade?
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Email Experts Needed

  • Email Marketing is not dead. Not by a long-shot.
  • 91% of all US consumers still use e-mail daily.
  • E-mails prompt purchases at least 3X over social media, and average order value is 17% higher.
  • The Email Marketing market will reach $6.5 billion by 2018.
  • Marketers who know how to harness email's power to nurture relationships with prospects and customers are marketers that will remain in demand.
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Mobile Experts Needed

  • Mobile Marketing is no longer a "nice-to-have."
  • Mobile spend is expected to hit $31.1 billion by 2017.
  • In 2018, two-thirds of social-media ad spend will go to mobile.
  • The marketer who knows how to leverage mobile, and can keep up with its explosive growth, will own their audience.
  • Are you that marketer?
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Content Experts Wanted

  • In the wake of Panda and Penguin, Content has emerged as King.
  • Content builds authority and amplifies your message to new audiences.
  • It organically engages prospects by providing genuine value, and positions you as a trusted adviser.
  • More than just blog posts, Content marketing embraces email, social, traditional PR, and even print.
  • The marketer that masters Content wins hearts, minds, and eyeballs.
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Display Is Stronger Than Ever

  • It's evolved across channels to become more relevant and focused.
  • Video, mobile, and social are all part of the display mix.
  • Programmatic campaign management makes creating, optimizing, and targeting display ads more efficient, effective, and affordable.
  • Retargeting keeps your message in front of your audience.
  • And the data is deeper and more granular than ever.
  • Are you ready to dominate in display?
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Team Training Made Easy

Managing an agency or in-house marketing group? Getting your whole team up to speed is easier than ever.

  • No conference fees, no travel, no time away from work.
  • Courses targeted to 4 proficiency levels.
  • Powerful Manager's Dashboard; Monitor progress, ensure ROI.
  • Improve onboarding; Get new-hires productive faster.
  • Expand team expertise; Bring critical skills in-house.
  • Deep discounts on groups of 10-10,000.
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OMCP Registered Education Provider

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Many Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification Courses are recognized by OMCP as preparatory for the OMCP Certification Test. Training and educational programs that are OMCP Approved provide enhanced value to students and organizations in preparation for certification. Learn More About OMCP Certification

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